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Professional Disaster Management Training Institute in Kolkata

At MBIZ NAFS Management, we have established a reputation for becoming the leading institute of fire and safety course. Being a reputed disaster management training Institute in Kolkata we impart fire safety and educational information through an expert team of highly qualified trainers in the field of disaster management. We strive to form community-based action planning through research and advocacy, marching towards adopting sustainable safety measures. We provide career oriented industrial safety management training Kolkata, teaching about fire prevention, preparedness, and mitigation. Our rigorous practical and theoretical training sessions are effective in averting accidents and hazards.

Career Oriented Fire and Safety Course in Kolkata

We are committed to excellence with our training sessions and courses on natural disaster management and mitigation. We prepare you to tackle natural and artificial calamities with total qualification and awareness. Knowing how to react promptly to a disaster call or emergency can be the prime factor in dissolving risks. We also train our candidates through simulations and community resilience exercises to understand the importance of teamwork. You can avail of our training courses from the National Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering Bhubaneswar. We offer NAPF Program and the University Program on Aviation Fire Prevention and Protection, Risk Management, Ship Fire Prevention, Safety Measures and Industrial Safety Management training Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Dhanbad, Ranchi and Patna. MBIZ INDIA being an ISO 9001:2008 and 9001:2015 certified renowned facility management service provider in the field of service industry we provide professional fire and safety course in Kolkata by our experienced faculties.

National Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering Bhubaneswar

We are reputable for our fire and safety training methodologies designed for complete disaster prevention. Our Disaster management courses in Bhubaneswar teach measures to control fire and ensure safety in industrial settings. From risk assessment during fire breakouts to identifying ignition sources, our goal is to teach you how to keep the workplace safe. We also teach the correct rehabilitation measures for supporting deprived citizens during a hazardous emergency condition.Our professional disaster management courses in Bhubaneswar imparting knowledge about disaster preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation.

As part of the fire safety assessments, we teach our candidates the following –

  • Fire detection and warning systems
  • Emergency exits for fire
  • Techniques for safe storage of dangerous substances
  • Using fire fighting equipment
  • An evacuation plan for emergency fires
  • Communication for effective teamwork
  • Safety training for the staff

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